Recipes made with Krok mortar and pestle

krok mortar and pestle

I guess it’s now clear that I am eating a lot. But also cooking, teaching and having fun in the kitchen re-making or developing new recipes. What I am actually enjoying is to prepare recipes from scratch. There is so much satisfaction starting a recipe from the very raw ingredients. When is possible I also go to harvest them, or get in touch with rested organic suppliers to make sure that the final result will be the best result. At least for me!

There is also something more than ingredients and hands-on cooking: The tools I am using. Recently I am having so much fun using the KROK mortar and pestle. It is a tool that involves all the senses when used. The fragrance coming out from the ingredients, the colors, the sounds, the textures and the physical power needed to make it work; all of them works together to give you that moment of glory when you think: Yes! I made it.  

I joined the KROK Craft family since the very beginning because they see tradition as something to preserve but leaving rooms for innovation. I am slowly, but constantly making known, less known and “brand new” recipes for them. Here the links where you can find mine (and more will come), but also all the recipes from the “Krok Family” spread around the world. All of use using the same tool but involving ingredients that are part of our culinary heritage; a mortar and pestle that you can buy at 10% discount using “thatguyfromnaples” as a discount code. Not only a useful tool but also a classy, modern piece of decoration that will fit your kitchen set up.

To conclude below some useful link to make the best of it and to keep it in “shape” before and after using it:

Conditioning and seasoning the KROK : Before you use it watch this video

Unpacking: How does it come to your doorstep.



Genovese Basil Pesto

Neapolitan Pesto also here.

Traditional AiOli

Classic Caesar Salad

Check this link for future recipes

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